Venezuela update – it’s getting worse

Here's a pretty good rundown of the situation: Basically, Venezuela had a rich oil boom, decided they were going to be socialist, nationalized all the industries and redistributed wealth, oil prices declined and they were no longer able to pay for their silly bullshit which they had run into the ground through mismanagement and … Continue reading Venezuela update – it’s getting worse

Hollywood, Pizzagate, and social collapse

Regardless of what you think of Pizzagate, it's not like elite level pedophilia is anything unheard of. It only takes a cursory amount of stomach churning google work to uncover many real, proven examples of elite, rich, and influential people involved in pedophilia rings. From Jeffrey Epstein to the UK political elite to Roman Polanski … Continue reading Hollywood, Pizzagate, and social collapse

Traitors, cucks, and cowardice

As I've written before, leftist psychology is essentially female psychology. The most fundamental psychological drive for all organisms is to survive. Therefore this can be a useful perspective when evaluating confusing behavior. Women, historically, had only so much control over their well being. If the men went off to fight an invader and lost, the … Continue reading Traitors, cucks, and cowardice

Social justice convergence and censorship on Youtube

Youtube announced it would begin censorship today: From Gizmodo: Today, YouTube clarified how it plans to handle videos that don’t violate any of its policies but still contain offensive religious and supremacist content: hide them and make sure they can’t make any money. Now, when YouTube decides that a flagged video doesn’t break policy but … Continue reading Social justice convergence and censorship on Youtube

It’s happening – Venezuela Civil War

Oye amigos. It appears Syria is old news and the story now is Venezuela. From /pol/ >What's going on? Quick (unfortunately commie) rundown on Venezuela's Nactional Constituent Assembly. >TODAY'S HAPPENINGS< >Bomb goes off in Plaza Francia on Altamira against the Regime's Police Forces. >Venezuelan officials killed as the Constituyente's voting process starts. reading It’s happening – Venezuela Civil War

Can Trump stop Zuckerberg before it’s too late?

Zuckerborg recently decided he is no longer an atheist but has re-found religion and embarked on a tour of the rust belt states. The only question is whether he or Chelsea will be the post-fraction Democratic party's champion. Chelsea has the old world money, connections, and blood cults, plus is a girl, but Zuck is … Continue reading Can Trump stop Zuckerberg before it’s too late?