No country for white liberals


The American Civil Liberties Union is doing damage control after Twitter leftists denounced the group for sharing a picture of a white baby holding an American flag.

In a tweet sent Wednesday afternoon, the ACLU captioned a photo of a Caucasian, blonde-haired child wearing a free speech onesie and waving a flag, “This is the future that ACLU members want.”

Trump did a wonderful job forcing the left’s hand by making them admit they want to erase the founding fathers from history once they are done with the Confederacy. Since that has always been the inevitable result, as they are an affront to leftism. That’s why you are seeing people being more brazen and honest about their intentions now, Trump is helping bring all these long simmering feuds to the surface. If Hillary were president we would still be pretending everything was business as normal.


I hate identity politics. You should vote for what is right, not what group you are affiliated with. But identity politics have been forced upon us. It was the left’s game, to gain power and seize the moral high ground. Then importing hundreds of millions of foreigners into our country from places with no history of limited government who naturally gravitated toward group identity. Our country has been divided into numerous sub-groups, each of which pretty well has its lines drawn.

Except white people, where still around half vote as if either identity politics don’t exist or as if the other groups will consider them one of their own. Guess what. They won’t. ‘Colorblindness’ is a condition that only affects white people. You are a useful tool to them the way they were to you, previously. Your purpose now is to be a good supportive white ally by putting the interests of the victim groups in the party above all else and continuously footing the entire blame for everything wrong in the world.


Unless white lefties actually want this, they will need a new party. Is it possible the left reinvents itself? The most interesting thing happening in the left right now is the alt-left antifa brigade, but they’re hopelessly committed to cucking.

The Right needs to find a way to accommodate them. There are lots of basic bitch Democrats who aren’t so bad. They’re just stuck in the past and won’t admit the realities of our present age and think people should have nice things and treat each other nicely and stuff. Leftism works ok in homogenous, high trust educated societies, like Norway or 1950s America. Their image of the Right is entirely informed by government education and mainstream media as some sort of fat cat businessman robber baron crossed with an illiterate skinhead.

They don’t realize the new right wing movements are trying to get them closer back to the societies they left behind. As they nervously sweat buckets and claim everything around them is ok and good and they are perfectly fine with all these new developments and the way society is progressing is just a-ok and the real problems are people not being tolerant enough about all these obviously positive changes, while they meanwhile move further and further out of the cities with fewer places left to run to.

But they better wise up soon if they want any future for themselves and their children. Because one party, one half of the country is ridiculously and openly hostile and racist to everyone who looks like them. This isn’t a game anymore. Appeasement doesn’t work. Stop being a punching bag, lefties. You owe them nothing and are allowed to assert your interests.


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