The union is beginning to disintegrate

As my personal hero Vladimir Lenin once said:

I am the Walrus

Oops. I mean:

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.

In the past week we had a meltdown at google where the massive company pledged its loyalty to Social Justice and signed its own death certificate. Social Justice people do not write code. They don’t run companies. And once the Social Justice clergy take over an institution then that inevitably signals the start of its death spiral. The kind of open debate needed for success and productivity disappears. The actual people who do the actual work, mostly white and Asian males, become the demonized underclass while an increasingly large quota-class eats up resources and get in the way of work being done. Qualified people start leaving. The mission of the company becomes increasingly social justice oriented rather than delivering profit to its shareholders oriented.


So look for google to become the new Yahoo. This is ultimately good. It means they will be stopped before they conquer the world. In the meantime it presents some annoying challenges, but there are plenty of other equally capable search engines out there. Google will remain strong for a long time, but they have decided which side of the culture war they are on.

Even more excitement is coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia in the wake of the Unite the Right rally. It was complete chaos and people are still trying to make sense of it.

The basic rundown is that the rally was supposed to be held in Lee Park, to protest the left’s ISIS like quest to tear down statues and monuments that are historically impolite. The organizers went through the proper channels, got a permit etc. Even as Air BnB decided to fuck people over and delete the accounts of people using the service to attend the rally, threats from Antifa and BLM, and other hangups it looked like the event was going to be a go.

Then the mayor of Charlottesville, a black supremacist, decided the day before to rescind the rally’s permit, while simultaneously granting permits to BLM and Antifa. Really makes you think.

Despite it all the attendees decided fuck it, they weren’t being stopped and showed up starting last night.

Some counter protestors I guess tried to defend the statue of Lee? So it could be destroyed later or something?

Press F to pay respects


This morning is when things really kicked off.

An estimated 5,000 protesters arrived at Lee park around 11:30. At 12:00 police began attacking the crowd with gas and mace. They told everyone to disperse and herded the group towards Antifa. Antifa, predictably, got overrun. Coordinating through social media protesters began convening at different locations and parks around the area, each one subsequently getting attacked by police.

Things came to a head when someone crashed a car into a crowd of counter-protestors.

It’s still unclear who did it. Protesters, counter protesters, or government psy-ops. Right now the story is the car was being attack by antifa and panicked. One person has died. Because the car hit antifa/ BLM it is being treated as a right wing attacker, but we will see. Could be ugly.

This is big enough that the president has been tweeting about the event and recently made a special appearance to address it.

Shit is going crazy. Everyone knows what we have here, what we call America in the current year completely changes once white people start asserting themselves. Once they agree to no longer be the punching bag/ deep wallet holding the entire thing together, what we have as a country will collapse. Which is why this is being treated as such a big damn deal. BLM riots, Antifa riots, eh. This, here. All eyes are watching. Whatever happens this is the kind of timeline about which history is written. What we are seeing now is what precedes the apex of events. This is the build up.

I’m sure more will unfold later. I’ll keep updates coming.




The man of the hour:


edit: not the antifa guy. Sad.


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