Cucky street signs part 2

In the ongoing series of cucks and the metaphorical exposing of their necks in submission, a new shining star has emerged:


They’re really stepping up their game, this is next level stuff.

Black Lives Matter.

Upcoming post detailing exactly why BLM is the stupidest thing ever, but I suppose what is interesting about this is that Hispanics tend to hate black people, and they’re the much more likely threat to win out especially in this area. You have to wonder if the cucks are screwing themselves here.

No human is illegal.

Hmm, yeah, true man. Free Sergio Jose Martinez!

Science is real

Except when it’s badthink science.

Love is love

Jesus I can barely go on. None of these mean anything. They’re just syrupy self congratulatory nonsense.

Kindness is everything.

Here we go. This is the one that ties it all together. Kindness if a virus. It is the lowest virtue. Lao Tzu said that when a person lost the Way the first thing they turn to is kindness. Somehow we have gotten the idea in our society (“”somehow””) that niceness is synonymous with virtue. It’s not. Niceness is at best a cherry on top. What is virtue? It’s doing what is correct. And that seldom lines up with what is “nice”. Doing something “nice” is an easy way to feel good about yourself, nothing more.

If you actually care about what is virtuous you care about truth, justice, holding people and yourself accountable, honesty, integrity, and self control. Usually these coincide with making tough decisions that might not seem nice at all. How many of those virtues can you ascribe to your average virtue signalling cuck? Almost none of them. They can’t make the tough hard decisions or explore truth past a limiting level of comfort because that is inhibited by their strict moral dogma

Niceness is a virtue only once one possesses the greater virtues. When one possesses strength and honesty and correct conduct, then a person can afford to be nice. When one lacks those virtues niceness is just a way to mask their own weakness and inability. Does it matter that you can’t stand up for what is right? Does it matter that your own actions make the matter worse? Does it matter that you’re too ineffectual to correct wrong behavior? No, in fact you are more socially rewarded for simply being nice instead. Because being nice while getting your pocket picked will get rewarded, rather than daring to put up resistance. A criminal will like it when their victim is cooperative but beat them when they get insubordinate.

This is what Western society has devolved to. Vague, nonsensical mushy feel goodness has replaced rigorous thought and care for real virtue. It isn’t tasteful to actually think things through or question ‘why’. You just have to do it, because it’s the ‘right thing to do.’ That is literally the beginning and end of reasoning for all of this. It just is. It’s just right. That is the fearful morality of a weak slave people. Continual compliance with their own destruction carried out with a tight smile and a quick reproach for anyone who dares lift his head up or show unhappiness with their fate. That’s how you get a beating, you know. Don’t make a fuss.

Virtue is hard. Niceness is easy. It’s the morality of a beaten people who are simply hoping for soft treatment from their new masters.


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