The real story of Cuckman leaf Trudeau

Canada used to be a hard ass country. We like to rip on them for their accents but it was a tough place.

Here is some music to set the mood:

You need to go up to Moose Knuckle to check your eel traps. It’s 25 below with a 40 degree wind. The fellas at Fort Kuyilok warn you that they lost three men last week to a polar bear attack up at the lake and that Indians have been spotted patrolling the area. On the way up two of your dogs get killed while you’re outrunning a pack of wolves and Geordie falls through the ice and you have to saw off his leg before the gangreen sets in. You put his leg in your bag so maybe the doctor back at Buffalo Camp can sew it back on like he did your index finger last month. You get to the eel traps but it looks like a seal has gotten to them first and you know its going to be another long winter of eating dandelion roots for your family while you try to keep the wind out of your log cabin.

So what did the hard work of these settlers braving the brutal elements get for their descendants?


They got a gay zoophile snowboard instructor.

He wants to flood his countries with immigrants after the obvious failure of doing so in Sweden, England, France, and everywhere else in the EU unlucky enough to be under the thumb of Herr Merkel.


Thanks to his socialist, open borders bullshit he took Canada from a budget surplus to deficit within months of taking office.

He is allowing illegal border crossings at a high rate with basically no opposition whatsoever, since he intends to inundate his country with foreigners anyways, following the USA/Western Europe model. If you can’t get the natives to cooperate with your socialist ideas, bring in a bunch of third world foreigners and bribe them with free shit to vote for you. Where does he get that idea from, I wonder?


Where did this abomination come from, anyways? The autist detectives at /pol/ are on the case:


That puts this man on like 3 levels of cuck. He’s basically Canada’s Obama, yet slightly more embarrassing and effeminate. Obama of course being the secret child of Communist pornographer Frank Marshall Davis. So when we call these people ‘cucks’ we’re really not joking.

I feel sorry for all the old grizzled whalers and oilfield workers sitting around in their bars watching this prancing clown represent their country and try to replace them with modern ‘Canadians’. I know that feeling guys. Maybe you can get your own God Emperor next time around. Wayne Gretzky seems like a pretty legitimate choice.


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