Venezuela update – it’s getting worse

Here’s a pretty good rundown of the situation:

Basically, Venezuela had a rich oil boom, decided they were going to be socialist, nationalized all the industries and redistributed wealth, oil prices declined and they were no longer able to pay for their silly bullshit which they had run into the ground through mismanagement and corruption anyways. Now the country is dead broke because it has no strong free market or private sector and when the government industries struggle the whole thing collapses. The currency has lost 99% of its value, they are almost out of medical supplies and there is literal anarchy on the streets. The only groups supporting the regime are the very poor, for their socialist gibmedats, and the military.

This is what’s going to happen with the USA’s 20 trillion dollar debt and all its unfundable liabilities within the next 20 years btw.

There have been approximately 120 deaths so far, on both sides of the fighting. The government doesn’t remotely have the situation under control. Although the protestors are throwing rocks and molotovs now things will get worse as more weapons find their way into their hands. Yesterday an ex soldier helped civilians break into a base and steal weapons.

So how does this socialist worker’s paradise compare to other continental powers who were so unfortunate as to not be touched by the Bolivar revolution? (the poverty rate listed for Venezuela is off, it’s more like 80% now. In fact the image reflects things PRE collapse).


This shit man. It needs to go. Any communists who aren’t dissuaded at this point simply need to be taken up in the chopper.



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