Trump cuts immigration

No, not illegal immigration. Legal immigration.

Actually, to be more precise, what we have in the United States is not immigration. It’s migration. See, a person or group of persons can immigrate. But a people migrate.

A little background.

The US is not a ‘Nation of immigrants.’ This is a rhetorical lie used to force acceptance of mass movements of third world peoples into the United States.

The United States, as defined by the Constitution, is a nation for its settlers and their posterity. So, English and to a lesser extent Dutch and French settlers, mostly. America lost its original fabric when it began allowing immigration from groups outside of this. German, Irish, Scandinavian, Italian. These people were not products of the sort of free societies (see: Rights of Englishmen) from which America derived its unique mission. And as we’ve discussed before, “assimilation” is largely a myth.

So these people began already changing the fabric of the country, as they did not have the history of small government and great personal independence needed. This set the stage. The end did not come abruptly, it was a long time in the making, but 1965 can be marked as the year America truly kicked the bucket.

The Hart-Cellar act made it so that immigration policy no longer discriminated by country of origin. With, of course, came the promise that this “wouldn’t change America’s demographics at all.”


50 years later and 150 million people have migrated from the third world, mostly Latin America but also Africa, Asia, and every other corner of the Earth, and have put an enormous strain on the financial system of the country, its social cohesion, and the idea of limited government has gone completely out the window. This is literally the largest invasion in human history. Larger than anything Hitler or Napoleon orchestrated.

We are now living in a joke. A crowded international food court only held together by the government taking money from its native population and paying foreigners in order to appease them. What happens in mass migrations? Historically, the migrating culture replaces the previous one. Especially when the native culture refuses to acknowledge what is going on and half the population is obsessed with opening the door wider.

Cuckservatives harping on “illegal” immigration are missing the point. There are maybe 15 million illegal immigrants in the United States. There are over 80 million legal ones. Immigration is the problem. People who complain about “illegal” immigration know this. But they are too afraid to say what we all know is true. Just because someone born in Somalia gets some shady paperwork, all of a sudden he is not an American. The same way if you moved to China and got some paperwork filled out, you would not magically become Chinese. It’s a farcical idea. It has been sold to us by people who are laughing all the way to the bank. But people will hold their head up high talking about how proud they are of ‘doing the right thing’ in supporting it.

Americans, you have no right to criticize Sweden for their brain washed cuckery. Sweden is still overwhelmingly Swedish. We are just as brain washed, only in a far, far worse situation. Stop using the easy outs of “illegal” immigration. We need to talk about ceasing immigration, period, and then repatriation. We have made a horrible mistake and it won’t be easy to fix, but the alternative is even less tenable.


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