Traitors, cucks, and cowardice

As I’ve written before, leftist psychology is essentially female psychology.

The most fundamental psychological drive for all organisms is to survive. Therefore this can be a useful perspective when evaluating confusing behavior.

Women, historically, had only so much control over their well being. If the men went off to fight an invader and lost, the women were getting taken by the invader and had little say in it. So the women learned to live with this. They learned to accept their new owner if taken as captives. Might as well. Are you going to fight them tooth and nail for the rest of your life? So women can switch loyalties more easily and will go with who is stronger.


When you see a sign like this in someone’s yard, the person is essentially saying ‘don’t hurt me when you conquer us, I’ll be a good slave.’ They are hedging their bets. ‘Whoever is the winner of this battle we will happily accept them.’ They figure they can always return to their own group and will be taken back if they win. They are being sneaky and not overt enough to be disowned. But they are indicating to the opponent ‘I will submit to you too. I will be a good little slave. I promise I don’t have a problem with you invading, and if you become the stronger force you won’t get any protest from me.’ They might as well just paint the sign white instead.

This is why traitors are worse than enemies. These cucks have no loyalty to you but will act as if they’re on your side unless it looks like you are losing, in which case they will switch teams immediately.

So these signs and this behavior, symptomatic of nearly all SJWs, indicate cowardice and a lack of loyalty. In a woman these are excusable to a degree since that was historically their only recourse for survival. In men, it is contemptible beyond belief, as the duty of men is to protect the tribe. When your men begin flying the surrender flag this early in the battle with numbers still on their side, things begin looking grim. It’s no wonder so many people are already cucking so hard. They see which way the wind is blowing. Their men won’t fight for them.


SJWs who praise other tribes are trying to get in good with their invaders. Cuckservatives who do the same are even more nefarious. Because by picking one side you necessarily pick against another. And when someone indicates their concerns and loyalties are first and foremost with another they are by very definition a traitor.

Of course whether their new rulers have any use for empowered wymyn, limp wristed nu-males, and entitled overweight socialists is another question.



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