Venezuela Civil War – Two alternate timelines

Horrible things are happening in Venezuela – the corrupt president is trying to consolidate power and chaos has broken out on the streets. It’s been 20 years in the making and things are coming to a head as Venezuelans are starving and protesters and government forces alike are dying. “Civil war” might be a bit of a misnomer, as only one side has weapons and there is currently more general upheaval than organized opposition. But rest assured, it is coming.

We already know what a bullet we dodged with Hillary – we’d likely be heading faster and faster on a collision course with Russia if not already engaged but an interesting thought experiment is how this Venezuelan crisis will play out versus how it would have under Hillary. Now, I can’t pretend to know what the God Emperor will do. He just fired Scaramucci after less than two weeks. He is as unpredictable as they come. But I will project what I hope he does, versus what I think would happen under Hillary.

First, Trump has already imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s lifeblood- it’s oil industry, as well as freezing the president’s American assets. This is a pretty safe first step. Maduro was completely out of line in how he handled the election, and has lead his country steadily into starvation while remaining perfectly fat himself.


He looks like a caricature of a corrupt self serving banana republic tyrant.

This kind of thing has been unfortunately common in Latin America, whose socialist countries have used bribery to keep their citizens in line, resulting in economic stress, high levels of government authoritarianism, and well known corruption. Historically, the US takes interest in these events in order to maintain our hemispheric zone of control and to install a government who will be favorable towards us.

What will Trump do? It’s really too early to come up with a ‘right’ answer. Most of Maduro’s political opponents look like they are also Commies and will not necessarily be an improvement. Backing any of them could easily blow up into Syria 2.0. An ideal situation would be a return to order under the current leadership followed by pressure from the US and international community into forcing Maduro to hold free and open elections with a minimum of US involvement. Things appear to be spiraling out of control but if possible I’m sure Trump would like to strike a deal to make this happen.

Now under traditional Hillary/Obama/W leadership, the role of the US would be quite simple. Basically, the CIA would be playing all sides against each other with the ultimate goal of crowning a victor who would give us favorable oil deals.

More pertinently for the average citizen, we’d be bombarded by images of the poor suffering children, who through no fault of their own are in desperate need of relocation to the USA.


Perhaps we’d get a little eye candy to convince the men it wouldn’t be so bad:



Women of course would need little motivation as they’re the ones demanding open borders for rapefugees nine times out of ten in Europe.

So Hillary would quietly announce we are relocating several hundred thousand refugees over the next couple months at exorbitant cost, with more on the way. It is sad that our leaders have turned refugee crises into a trojan horse for large scale movements of people in pursuit of their globalist-no borders agenda. Because these people could use help. But we have been burned too many times. There’s no reason to move thousands of people across the globe for their “safety”, and I believe Trump will have none of it.

Because ultimately, it is none of our business. These people did it to themselves. They voted for more free shit. They voted for more government in exchange for stuff for themselves, and this is ultimately what you get. I hope this conflict gets resolved with a minimum of suffering and a lesson learned going forward, but we need to stop taking responsibility for the problems of everyone everywhere else in the world. We have enough problems of our own. The rise of Trump nationalism is a reaction against this kind of World Police attitude. The following few months should be instructive for the new American attitude going forward.

Like Obama’s actions toward the war in Syria, or president Wilson in the first World War people died who did not have to and war raged far longer than it needed because we had to play big bad interventionist. We need to learn a hands off policy. The only people who benefit are arms manufacturers and politicians. Americans are ready to say no to wars that aren’t needed (well, except the left who is all pro war for some reason now), and I believe Trump once again will show his allegiance to the People rather than the State in his handling of this crisis.


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