It’s happening – Venezuela Civil War

Oye amigos. It appears Syria is old news and the story now is Venezuela.

From /pol/

>What’s going on? Quick (unfortunately commie) rundown on Venezuela’s Nactional Constituent Assembly.–20170729-0028.html

>Bomb goes off in Plaza Francia on Altamira against the Regime’s Police Forces.

>Venezuelan officials killed as the Constituyente’s voting process starts.
>Clashes reported on El Paraíso, Caracas

>Snipers being deployed on Vegas de Tariba, Táchira.

>Venezuelan anon reports paramilitary forces near his house

And there are uncomfirmed rumors of a massacre of 27 resistance youths:

Things have been rapidly deteriorating there for a while. A month ago some people stole a helicopter and used it to lob grenades at the Supreme Court:

People are starving – three quarters of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 lbs – as of February. And these are not big people. Shortages in basic necessities, toilet paper, people scavenging the sewers and killing rats for food. Thanks socialism! Has anything like this happened in a capitalist country recently?

Anyways, the reason things are kicking off now is Madura, el presidente, is having elections tomorrow in which he wishes to grossly expand his powers. He wants to change the Constitution to basically dissolve the branches which oppose the executive power. The opposition wishes to abstain in protest.

The government has already confiscated people’s guns. So a government with absolute power and an unarmed population in a starving socialist worker’s paradise. Not good. We’ve seen this before. This should be a fascinating and horrific few months to witness.

Unfortunately, the opposition seem to also be Commies. So we’ll see. I’ll try to stay on top of this.

Update 1:


64 confirmed arrests

Update 8:45 PCT

>European Union, Argentina, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, USA, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Panamá, Paraguay and Perú will not recognize this election.
>”El Pais” reports that only 7% of the Venezuelans registered to vote went to exercise it.
>13 yo and 17 yo shot dead by government’s forces.

>Pro Maduro Soldier shot dead during a protest.

>Tibisay Lucena, CNE’s president, just stated that 99% of the population has voted. %5BEmbed]
>ANC’s candidate José Félix Pineda killed at his home. 
>Famous Violinist Protester, Wuilly Arteaga, brutally beaten.
>US to impose sanctions against Venezuelan oil industry.

>Video from protests at El Paraíso. %5BEmbed]



Massive election fraud, Maduro regime manufactures 8 million votes when all reports point to 2.4 million
>Maduro vows for “total transformation of power”, announcing closure of opposition media channels, possible imprisonment of opposition parliament members
>ANC’s candidate José Félix Pineda killed at his home
>USA about to impose heavy sanctions against Venezuelan oil industry
>Delta Airlines plans to suspend all flights to Venezuela

Update 3:15 PCT

>US Treasury freezing Maduro’s assets
>Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz won’t recognize new assembly


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