Antifa is shadily funded a cult for Eugene style gutter punks

For those of you who may be unaware, Antifa, or Anti-Fascist, are the people who have been attacking Trump and free speech rallies with bricks, explosives and weapons lately, then crying foul when pro-Trump supporters organize to protect their events. This has had the effect of turning public opinion largely against the fearsome thugs of Antifa:


However, Antifa has succeeded at muddying the waters to make it seem like it’s some “both sides are causing problems” issue. Obviously, the fault is not equally divided between ‘instigators’ and the ‘people who step up to defend their rallies against instigators of violence’ camps.


Pictured: Weapons confiscated from Antifa at a Portland event.

Antifa notched some victories under their studded belt earlier in the year. They disrupted Mike Cernovitch’s Deploraball after scheming to put acid in the ventilation systems and calling in bomb threats.

They hospitalized a teacher and shut down speaker Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve, which is badthink science examining IQ disparities between different groups of people when he spoke at Middlebury.

They beat spectators at a Milo Yiannapoulis speech in Berkeley, succeeding in ending the event after swarming the building and starting multiple fires.

After the initial shock the opposition began to learn how to react, earning victories against Antifa in Huntington Beach:


And most famously at the Battle of Berkley:

These adjustments were made when the New Right stepped up to the plate. Whereas the Old Right was always taking the Higher Road and refusing to ‘stoop’ to the level of the feral street vermin and thus always losing, the New Right decided that wasn’t going to be the case. When the Young American’s Foundation, who invited Ann Coulter to speak at Berkeley University, realized that Antifa would show up with their usual tricks, they pulled their support of the event, giving in without even putting up a fight. Despite an annual budget of millions, they decided they would go to no lengths to try to carry out the event they had hoped for and simply rolled over.

So the New Right organization created by Vice founder Gavin McInnes called the Proud Boys stepped up and guaranteed protection for speakers at the event. And sure enough the event went fine, although Ann Coulter still stayed away, thus counting it as a victory in a sense for Antifa, who have earned the nickname Anti-First Amendment since their primary metric for victory appears to be intimidating or beating their opponents into silence.

Now, a supposedly anarchist movement was silent while Obama expanded the size of the State to never before seen levels of overreach, doubled the national debt, and engaged in an 8 year long war. But when Trump shrinks the size of the State and undoes Obama’s governmental growth they have appeared with a fury, which seems to be something of a contradiction. Who are these masked young men and hairy young women?



Kind of look like our local kids a little bit huh? Like they went straight from the Park Blocks hassling people for change to fighting for all that is decent and right by attacking everyone to the right of Chairman Mao. Well, an ex-Antifa member on 4chan recently spilled the beans on who these people are and where they come from. He was homeless in NYC when he was approached by an antifa recruiter. Some of the text is as follows:

Anon: I met somebody at a homeless drop in center who told me about occupy and there were a bunch of people around, so I decided fuck it, I’ll go check it out. The person who told me about it was definitely NOT antifa. His friends call himself “Black Hitler”. When I became homeless, I was sort of a newfag on /b/. I met like 4 other /b/tards there and we clicked. They were already pretty redpilled, but all 5 of us were and still are pretty leftist leaning. I didn’t really get into protesting until like 2 months after hanging out. Black bloc started trying to passively recruit me later.

How they organize: Facebook. They all have phones. ALL of them. They all had fucking iphones when I was around them.

Why he joined: Food, protection. I had to worry about niggers jumping me in my sleep when I slept on the street and they would usually have night watchmen to safeguard against any threats. Later on, when I gained the trust of some people, we broke into a couple abandoned buildings to sleep in.


Someone asks: So let me see if this rundown is correct

The homeless are recruited (sometimes from shelters)

They are promised food and protection if they decide to “be a part of something” that changes society for the better.

They get their information on where to go primarily via mobile devices that allow them access to facebook, though some use libraries.

If this is all correct, my next questions are

How do they travel to these events if they are far away, other than hitchiking?

Is there a specific facebook account you can confirm that was giving your local leaders marching orders? Or, were all of you just visiting the facebook page and taking anonymous orders?

Anon responds:

I don’t know about shelters…I was street homeless at the time I was “recruited”.

One of the ways a lot of people would move around by bus….One time we went to DC with Aaron Black and he chartered a bus with the DNC’s money.

Most of the facebook events were obfuscated. They would have facebook pages make the events and people who knew the organizers would send out invites for everybody on their friend’s list.


Some more tidbits from Anon:

-I feel that the radicalization process was one that took a while…When it came to inciting violence it was a mob mentality. One person did something, the rest would fall in line…They usually planned it ahead, there were times I said we should break shit and they said not to, it wasn’t the right time to act. One of the things they preached was solidarity.

-One thing these antifags really like to go recruit people are these things event call “rainbow gatherings”. They’re held by old hippies and a bunch of homeless dirty kids go there (dirty kid is a term used for kids who train hop and hitch hike).

-They’re fucking retards, like I said I think they just wanna be destructive. A few of the fucks I knew…came from rich families.

-Here’s just one example. They sit out there all day at these protests begging for donations. People usually bring them food and shit too.

-I never realized the SJW movement stole OWS (Occupy Wall Street). Thinking back, I fucking see it now. They would have people start the GA people would say “Hi I’m (name) and my pronouns are (whatever).”

Seattle and Portland OR the fucking worst. I met kids in LA when I was a crusty who hyped up Seattle and Portland like they were a godsend.

















Pretty interesting. They recruit young lefty street kids, give them a sense of purpose with some noble ideal like Occupy Wallstreet, gift them some stuff, then slowly twist their arms into whatever goals they intend them for. Whether it’s turning OWS into a ridiculous joke (makes you wonder who was behind that and if their aim was simply to discredit a legitimate movement against the corrupt financial establishment from the inside out) or whether it’s using them as their footsoldiers in inciting street violence and inflaming civil tensions. These are just kids after all. Many of them from bad situations who came to Antifa out of desperation. How many of their lives have been ruined by getting sucked into this ridiculous movement?

Their “backers” are happy to organize them, bus them to their riots, and fan the flames, but what good is that when these kids get slapped with felonies? Wouldn’t it be interesting to follow the money and see where it leads? Who exactly are the ones funding our descent into ritualized political street violence? Can this be a good thing for ANY of us?



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