Reconciling our national marriage

An action intended to create a hostile response is called a Provocation. It seems our society has reached a point¬† of constant Provocation/response/provocation. Half of what we do is to piss off the other, and nerves are ratcheted up to a degree that almost always proceeds a massive blowout. I too have some responsibility to … Continue reading Reconciling our national marriage


The economics of dick

Improvements in technology increase consumer choice. Television caused many local theater productions to go out of business. It allowed viewers access to higher quality productions than before. It similarly caused a decline in the popularity of minor league baseball teams because people could watch the majors now. The creation and popularization of new technology results … Continue reading The economics of dick

Small souled bugman evolved: the soyboy

The soy-boy is a subset of the bug-man.¬† Because he shares all the important characteristics-namely, a lack of of individuality, grit, personal charactological development- encompassing the 'small souled' aspect, and the focus on modern tech hive minded conformity- encompassing the 'bug' aspect. The soyboy in particular is an feminized subgroup of the bugman. The estrogenic … Continue reading Small souled bugman evolved: the soyboy

A return to order p2. The case for discrimination.

Discrimination has become a pejorative in our modern society. But let's start by looking at a definition. the act of making or perceiving a difference This is another case of modern ideologues seizing a word and making it something completely different. Similar to the term 'elitist' which became a slur some time ago, despite the … Continue reading A return to order p2. The case for discrimination.

The fundamental impossibility of Utopianism

The problem with socialism and its variants is that the function of the system rests on humans not behaving like humans and the world bending its natural laws. It's natural for humans to share and be selfless and sacrificing within their own family, friends, and community. This has been an advantageous evolutionary adaptation and can … Continue reading The fundamental impossibility of Utopianism